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Our Services

Broadband Solutions, Inc. is a rapidly growing company that is well known for our technical expertise, professionalism, and the ability to meet the demands and needs for top-quality employees in the telecommunications industry. With over 200 employees throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, we not only bring our knowledge and experience, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with prompt and accurate service.


  • Pole Wind/Ice loading Analysis and Engineering Services
  • Project Management/Supervision
  • Utility Permitting, Right-of-ways,  and Easement Acquisitions
  • As-built Walkout, Design  and Engineering
  • Fiber Routing and Design


  • Cable TV Construction and Installation Services
  • Aerial and Underground Coaxial Outside Plant Construction
  • Aerial and Underground Fiber Optic Cable Plant Construction and Splicing
  • Coaxial System Splicing, Activation, Sweep and Balance
  • Power Supply Maintenance and Installation
  • Outside Plant Maintenance
  • Fiber Optic Splicing
  • Utility Pole/Overhead Installation and Removal


  • Residential Installations: Fiber, Coax, Phone and Data
  • Commercial Installations: Fiber, Coax, Phone and Data
  • MDU Installations: Post and Pre-Wiring
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Audits
  • Disconnects
  • Non Pays
  • Service Calls